CNC Laser Cutting


CNC Cutting (Computer Numerical Control Cutting) allows you to cut your metal profiles with ease, accuracy and at a fraction of the cost of hand held cutting.

Laser Cutting provides your high speed and very accurate cutting, especially for thin plates. It is your go to choice for cutting method if your concern is accuracy.

Some of its applications are: Cutting of machine parts, Outdoor and Indoor Décor, etc.

Our CNC Laser Cutting Machine tolerance are as per below:

  • Mild Steel Max 20mm thk, Min 0.5mm thk
  • Stainless Steel Max 20mm thk, Min 0.3mm thk
  • Aluminium Max 10mm thk, Min 0.5mm thk
Tolerance of cut +-0.15mm

With a cutting bed of 1524mm x 3048mm plus 24/7 running of our Laser Cutting Machine, you will be able to cut most plates with us.

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